Attractions and places of interest

The Bozen cycle route through the valley of Isarco is a pleasure tour offering a picturesque scenario. Small town, rolling hills and cultural treasures lines this bike route, heading from Brennero to the capitalcity of south Tyrol, Bolzano.

One of the largest ski areas in the world is Dolomiti Superski. It offers largest fully ticketing in the world which includes 12 major regions. The area covered by these 12 regions combined is approximately 1220 kilometers. There are more than 400 lifts in all. According to the statistics, it came into being in 1947.

This place has a rich history dating way back to the Ice-Age about 15000 years ago and has been witness to many different eras the earth has seen. Weathering and erosion has caused this gorge formation. This area is spread over a sprawling area of approximately 8 kilometers. Volcanic activity over the years has resulted in deposits of layer upon layer of dolomites. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty is to walk through it and soak in the history of the place. This journey through the gorge and around the Bletterbach geological park offers deep insights through millions of years of geological history.

Prösels Castle was constructed around 1500 by Leonhard of Völs. Be that as it may, the starting points go back to the thirteenth century, when the Rulers of Völs were ecclesiastical rulers of the priests of Brixen. In that capacity they were permitted to manufacture a fortification on this slope. The focal piece of the royal residence with the Romanesque entrance and the keep are the first parts of the thirteenth century stronghold.

In the Dolomiti district, near Sterzing, lies the famous skiing resort of Monte Cavallo, a modern, efficient, dynamic and versatile venue where families can have fun without wasting their time in line. The lit luge track in the Monte Cavallo skiing district (also known as Rosskopf) is the jewel in the crown of the Dolomiti and the longest in Italy. It runs for more ten 10 kilometers, offering a breathtaking views of the entire Dolomiti region. The Monte Cavallo luge track in Sterzing is both an outstanding window overlooking a spectacular view of the Dolomiti and one of the main attractions in the entire region. Last but not least, Monte Cavallo offers a wide range of winter sports only five minutes from the medieval town of Sterzing.

“The bell of the village tolls also for him today”, sang the Schola Cantorum. A well known legend tells that, in certain days, you can hear the bells of the tower tolling from the submerged church at the bottom of the Lake Resia. Lake Resia, is an artificial lake at 1.498 meters is six kilometers wide. It became the symbol of Val Venosta, with its submerged bell-tower.

Surrounded by a dreamy nature, Lake Braies is one of Dolomiti most favorite destinations, a place of rare beauty. Located in Val di Braies, next toVal Pusteria, it is about 1500 meters high, attracting many travelers for its intense, clear blue waters and its magnificent natural setting. Lake Braies, Pragser Wildsee in German, is surrounded on three sides by the Dolomiti peaks, included Croda del Becco.

The Christmas market in Belluno is a great opportunity to experience the magic of such feast and discover the beauty of a city surrounded by an outstanding landscape Located at the confluence of the Piave and Ardo rivers, Belluno is the gateway to Dolomiti. This Venetian location is surrounded by these amazing mountains, so amazing that Unesco declared them a World Heritage. The Christams markets are therefore also an excuse to visit Belluno and admire its beautiful buildings, where typically northern shapes merge with the Venetian Gothic style, giving a unique effect. Not to mention the old fountains in the old city.

The traditional Christmas markets in Trentinoare a classic event gathering many tourists willing to experience the old traditions and give a bite to the typical atmosphere of the area. The Christmas markets of Trento, for instance, are a real explosion of joy, full of scents and the magic of the Christmas holidays. Trento offers a fairy-tale-likeatmosphere, where the small wooden housesand the white snow meet the typical flavors of the local, home made cuisine.

South Tyrol is famous for its traditional Christmas markets. Besides being considered the most beautiful Christmas markets, they give people the chance to experience On the other hand, since the beginning of the Advent, walking along the streets of South Tyrol you could experience smells that warm your heart, like zelten and strudel, better if enjoyed with mulled wine.